In addition to traditional individual and group therapy sessions, Angel’s Recovery employs a combination of holistic treatments, including massage, acupuncture and all our life skills modalities to aid the client facing the challenges of addiction.

By addressing the underlying symptoms, we encourage the client to learn new ways to cope with the symptoms of stress and anxiety, which bring about fear, desperation and depression.

Rather than simply managing symptoms with anti-depressant medications, clients are shown effective methods of bringing balance into their lives for successful long-term recovery, greater physical and mental health and overall well-being.

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“Through care and kindness, we help clients overcome their challenges and live a new life”

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Alcoholism Treatment

Clients suffering from the disease of alcoholism become part of a supportive community where they learn about the progressive nature of their disease and how to arrest it to go forward, while living productive and fulfilling lives. 12-Step Programs and other self-help group involvement are actively encouraged and supported.

Individual treatment plans are formulated with the client’s particular needs in mind, and focus is placed on group and individual therapy, family systems, coping skills, relapse prevention and aftercare.

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Equine Therapy

Yoga Class

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Group Addiction Recovery Meeting

Therapeutic Massage

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Drug Addiction Treatment

Angel’s Recovery offers our clients suffering from addiction to prescription drugs a safe, medically-monitored detox in the comfort of our tranquil facility.

Suboxone has been used successfully to reduce cravings and suppress withdrawal symptoms while increasing a client’s chances for long-term abstinence from opiates such as heroin, Oxycontin, Roxicodone, Vicodin and Percocet.

Once stabilized, clients can more readily seek to benefit from the individualized therapies designed to refocus maladaptive behavioral patterns and build upon a new, non-addictive lifestyle.

Co-Occuring Disorders

These describe the presence of psychological or behavioral conditions, such as depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, mood swings, trauma, OCD, and more, that exist along with drug and/or alcohol dependence.

Properly identifying and addressing these conditions is critical in creating sustainable recovery.

Using a combination of personalized individual and group therapy, integrated with a comprehensive array of services, our client is allowed to feel safe when opening up to staff about their complex problems leading to deeper recovery.

By treating the total condition and the total person and not just the addiction, we have found that the client benefits immeasurably. They are given the opportunity to achieve the lasting recovery they so deserve.

Life Skills are a vital part of our therapeutic process.





Dressing for Success

Job Placement


Physical Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

Natural Remedies for Depression/Energy/Anxiety

Healthy Diet

Addressing Medical Needs with Foods and Vitamins

Stress Management





Music Therapy

Comfort from Withdrawal Symptoms with Easy Detox™

We implement a variety of progressive techniques and new medications to make withdrawal from chemical dependance more comfortable and shortening detox period from weeks to days.

Horses in Addiction Recovery

Horse Therapy for Addiction

Horses play an active role in the therapeutic process at Angel’s Recovery.

Equine assisted programs offer an inspiring alternative to the fully traditional office-based model and also offer relief from stress while growing.

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Golf Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Golf Therapy for Addiction

Golf can be a perfect component in your individualized treatment program.

Not only are there many benefits to playing golf as part of treatment, but you will also learn how golf can be a primary weapon to prevent relapse in the future.

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