At Angel’s Recovery, the foundation of our addiction treatment philosophy is the belief in the Dignity and Privacy of our clients as recovering human beings. In contrast to other treatment center approaches, we approach the individualized rehab program for each client with Compassion and Respect. Throughout the entire rehab treatment our client’s emotional and physical wellness is our primary focus.

Our Supportive Therapy is considered by professionals to be one of the best in the country. During your stay here at Angel’s Recovery we will focus on educating, supporting and coaching you through your healing and recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. You will always feel safe at Angel’s Recovery.

Our clients become a part of our extended family. Our Four Phase Treatment Program continues with the opporunity to continue maintenance of sober living with regular meetings of our Alumni Group.

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Executive Rehab

Employee / Executive Addiction Treatment Options

Angel’s Recovery provides a Specialized Accelerated Treatment Program for drug and alcohol rehab clients who cannot take time away from their careers. We offer Executive Office Suites for the Employee or Executive who must maintain business contact. We provide personalized rehabilitation treatment that includes preparation for going back home to your expected daily life.

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Individualized Addiction Treatment

Individualized drug and alcohol rehab treatment services will be provided such as: Individual and Group Therapy, Educational Lectures, Therapeutic Services, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamics, and a Person Centered Humanistic Solution (Holistic) focused approach.

Additional activities include our Equine therapy, Yoga, Music Therapy, Self-defense Classes, Swimming (including outdoor hot tub), Spirituality Groups and outside 12-Step Meetings / Support Groups.

Your rehab treatment experience is important to us. The staff here at Angel House will strive for “complete healing” of each client. We will guide, not coerce. During your drug, alcohol and/or dual diagnosis rehab treatment, we will teach you coping skills as we believe coping is a necessary part of our client’s education.

Angel’s Recovery believes in Encouragement, Love and Kindness. By providing all of the above we are setting the foundation for our clients’ recovery to come to fruition.

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Our Treatment Theory

Angel’s Recovery is dedicated to providing exceptional individualized care. We work with both chemical dependence and co-occurring disorders. Here we utilize a Holistic Approach which coincides with our treatment philosophy. We work with both chemical dependence and co-occurring disorders.

Our treatment approach blends holistic, traditional medical and psychological therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral, Rational Emotive Behavioral, Solution Focused as well as Experiential and Integrative Therapies. In addition we utilize Holistic, Massage, and Equine Therapy.

Our philosophy emphasizes a process for an individual’s personal growth and healing, with a strong foundation to prevent relapse. Angel’s Recovery’s properties provide an optimal atmosphere of tranquility and serenity for the peaceful implementation of our goals and treatment.

Angel’s Recovery believes that “Life Skills” are and should be an essential part of an individual’s therapy.

We offer a specialized program to fit your personal needs. Residents can choose to attend daily 12-step meetings, build a support group, and learn to apply the 12-step recovery program to their daily lives.

Angel’s Recovery Accepts Most Major Insurance Providers

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Insurance Options

Angel’s Recovery accepts numerous forms of insurance – learn more. We help you cover the costs of addiction treatment by working with major insurance providers to take payment for services. We also accept major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Finally, we have financing options available for our clients. Talk to our staff today to learn more about payment options.

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We believe kindness is the key to recovery