Alcohol addiction is a complex disease; individuals who abuse alcohol cannot simply “stop” after a certain number of drinks; it is the first drink that is the cause for an individual’s drinking problems and begins their downward spiral.

However, it can be very difficult for individuals to admit that they are unable to control their drinking.

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Inpatient rehab centers help individuals break free from patterns of behavior and social interactions that fueled their drinking, giving them a fresh, sober start. While not everyone must attend a rehab program in order to become sober, many individuals find that the decision to attend this program marked their “turning point” and was critical to their long-term sobriety.

How can I help a loved one seek treatment?

Many individuals who struggle with alcohol abuse fail to seek treatment because they do not recognize that they have a problem. If you believe a loved one is abusing alcohol, an intervention followed by counseling or inpatient rehab, depending on the severity of their abuse, can help your loved one get healthy. Individuals who are addicted cannot simply “cut back” on consumption. An intervention from loved ones can help an individual recognize that they are addicted to alcohol and need professional help to stop drinking. However, it is important to remember that no one can “force” another person to get help. You may create opportunities for your loved one to seek treatment, but they must decide for themselves to stay sober.

What if my loved one resumes drinking after completing rehab?

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Alcoholism, like any addictive condition, can be extremely difficult to overcome. Many famous celebrities, such as comedian Robin Williams, have “beaten” their addiction, only to find themselves drinking months or even years after first becoming sober. If your loved one resumes drinking, he or she may simply not be ready to quit. As frustrating as that can be, at the end of the day, no one can “force” someone to stop drinking; that decision must come from within.

Individuals drink for a variety of reasons. Everything from bad personal relationships, a past history of physical or sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, or even boredom can be a trigger for drinking. A rehab center is best equipped to treat your loved one and help them understand what causes their drinking and how to better addresses these feelings and prevent future drinking.

If your loved one suffers a relapse, they may need a longer stay at an inpatient facility to fully understand the ramifications of their addiction to alcohol and re-start their journey back to sobriety. With proper care, however, sobriety is possible.

Download the Free Guide to Alcohol Treatment