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Golf Therapy

The Relaxation and Enjoyment Benefit of Golf Therapy

The final benefit that makes golf ideal for addiction treatment is the level of leisure and relaxation that develops throughout the game.

Factors that may trigger substance abuse cravings in some individuals include:


  • Stress
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Other mental health conditions
  • Difficult family life or home environments

Playing golf can help take individuals out of those situations, reduce the level of stress and help alleviate potential mood disorders that are making it easier to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Golf is a sport that helps relax the body and mind. The benefits of playing golf are not limited […]

Benefits of Golf and Exercise During Addiction Treatment

Playing golf is a form of physical exercise that can improve the ability of individuals to fight against drugs or alcohol. By recognizing the benefits of physical activity on addiction treatment, it is easier to determine the primary benefits of golfing as part of a treatment regimen.

Primary Benefits of Exercise

The primary benefits of exercising depend on the individual and the current physical health. For those who are physically capable of playing sports or enjoying exercise activities, certain advantages help improve the ability to give up drugs or alcohol.

Physical Strength

What is Golf Therapy

The struggle against drugs or alcohol is an upward battle that can seem like walking in the sand while carrying so much weight it is hard to move a single step forward. Despite the initial challenges, it is possible to make a life-long change and avoid drugs or alcohol in the future.

Taking that first step is the foundation, but finding ways to prevent future drug abuse is essential for the future. In many cases, incorporating a passion or hobby into treatment can help prevent relapse and provide a focus that makes the process of giving up a substance […]