We Accept Many Insurance Plans

We accept many major insurance plans to make treatment affordable for our clients.

Aetna, United, Cigna, Blue Cross and Humana are among the major insurance plans that we accept for addiction treatment services. Each of these is covered in more detail below.

If you have any questions about insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Insurance We Accept

We have listed several of the larger companies on this site that are regular partners in assisting us to provide the best in addiction recovery protocols to our clients. There are a number of additional insurance providers that work with Angel’s Recovery not listed here. So do not worry!

As long as your health care insurance covers mental health benefits, the chances are strong that we can work with them to provide the care you need. Just give us a call and we will do everything for you!

Make sure that you have your insurance card handy so that you can provide us with your Patient ID#, Group# (where appropriate) the contact phone number of the insurer, and of course your social security number. We will need this information for the patient and the name of the primary insured under which the insurance is carried.

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Aetna Insurance

The amount that Aetna will cover under alcohol or drug rehabilitation is highly dependent on various aspects of the treatment and the coverage of your policy.. They are under contract with many rehabilitation facilities to help ease the burden to the client. Angel’s Recovery will walk each client through the process for a better understanding of the insurance coverage.
Coverage, Deductible and Co-Payments

Coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation is reliant on factors such as employer, length of treatment, deductibles and co-payments. Different employers choose to carry different plans for their employees. It is difficult to give exact figures when there are so many variables. Angel’s Recovery works closely with you and Aetna to find ways to reduce and possibly eliminate your costs of treatment.

If there are any question regarding Aetna health coverage and drug/alcohol rehabilitation, contact us and we will walk you through the coverage and the best option of being able to accept you at Angel’s Recovery Treatment Center. We work closely with the insurance company to get the best possible coverage for your particular situation.


Angel’s Recovery accepts Cigna. Contact us now!

If using a contracted Cigna behavioral health provider, an outpatient office visit requires no pre-authorization. Other levels of care may require pre-authorization and referral and Cigna will ensure that claims are correctly managed.

Treatment centers available for Cigna members seeking rehab from drug or alcohol addiction are located nationwide in states with Cigna coverage. Substance abuse and behavioral programs at Angel’s Recovery, located in Florida, take place in a our facility and offered services include detoxification, residential and inpatient services, emergency assessments, intensive outpatient programs, and other care. In situations where emergency care is needed, a Cigna member can go to the emergency room of their nearest behavioral health facility for treatment.

Cigna plan benefits for substance abuse behavioral health will cover the evaluation and stabilization treatment offered for conditions relating to a substance abuse behavioral health condition. The cost of treatment at these centers range from no out of pocket charges to very affordable rates especially when you consider the daily cost of not treating the drug or alcohol addiction. A Cigna member can select a health plan to suit his individual needs. The plans include FSA, POS, PPO, open access and HMO. These provide good options for Cigna members and although the drug and alcohol rehabilitation services offered vary from plan to plan, a member can select the plan he considers worthwhile paying for. To start the process of obtaining coverage for your situation, just contact Angel’s Recovery. We do everything for you.

BlueCross BlueShield

BlueCross/BlueShield is one of the major insurance companies that work to provide drug or alcohol addiction solutions. While it provides a multitude of programs throughout the United States, finding the right one can be difficult. However, most subdtance abuse and mental health facilities can help patients maneuver through the paperwork and find the treatment plan best suited to their needs. Angel’s Recovery is one of the best addiction treatment centers.

Angel’s Recovery accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield! Contact us now.

BlueCross/BlueShield insurance for rehab includes programs designed to fit into PPO, HMO and Federal insurance networks. It can be managed through the Employee Assistance Program. While it can be difficult to navigate the labyrinth of different rehab programs covered through various states and networks, BC/BS is committed to helping addicts find the best help with the least trouble. It is hard enough for those with addictions to take the necessary steps to get clean, and many addicts will lose their resolve to reach out for help if the process seems too difficult. At Angel’s Recovery, one phone call to our Confidential Helpline is all that is necessary to get started on the journey to recovery. We will contact BlueCross/BlueShield for you to obtain the required approval and determine available coverage. BlueCross/BlueShield believes access to their rehab coverage should not be an obstacle and works hard to provide patients with satisfactory answers.

Humana Insurance

The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) has estimated that 23.5 million American over the age of 12 need some form of drug treatment. Drug addiction is a problem reaching younger and younger people every day. Drug abuse harms friends, families and employment opportunities. Fortunately, the Humana Insurance Company has shown the foresight in covering costs related to drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Angel’s Recovery is one of the best drug and alcohol drug treatment centers.

We accept Humana Insurance. Contact us now!

United Health Care

In operation since 1977, United Healthcare has become the largest health provided in the United States. The company offers a diversified platform of healthcare products including group policies, self-insured programs and Medicare subsidizing. United operates with several divisions and product names. Uniprise, Golden Rule and Ingenix are all brands associated with United Healthcare Group. They offer a separate division for substance abuse and mental health – United Behavioral Health. If you are seeking help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, insurance is a big plus. Angel’s Recovery wil do the work for you to get approved.

Angels’ Recovery accepts United Health Care. Start the process now!

What if my insurance company isn’t listed?

Don’t worry if you don’t see your insurer listed here. More than likely, if you believe that you are covered, you probably are! The major insurers listed on this site are only representative of Angel’s Recovery working relationships with most insurers who cover substance abuse and mental health care benefits. Angel’s Recovery is constantly adding additional insurance companies to the family of health care insurers that work with us to provide loving care to those in trouble with their addictions.

Just give us a call and we will do everything for you to obtain approval for treatment at Angel’s Recovery.

What if I do not have insurance?

Angel’s Recovery works closely with several financial firms to obtain as little as zero per cent interest financing for your treatment. Many people without insurance are able to finance their treatment through our lending partners who specialize in this concentrated area. Call us to discuss your particular situation.

We do everything for you. We will contact our lending partners with your information and do our utmost to find the lender that will work with you.