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Alcohol Treatments Options

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In 2007, 19.3 million Americans needed treatment for alcohol dependency.

However, not everyone who needs treatment receives it.

Sadly, the vast majority of individuals who need treatment for alcoholism – 87.4% – did not receive help because they did not believe that they needed it.

If a loved in is struggling with alcoholism, your decision to help them seek treatment is critical to their health and long-term sobriety.

What are the treatment options for alcoholism?

Alcohol rehabilitation centers are one of the most popular and effective treatment options for alcoholism. Inpatient rehab centers are […]

Understanding Alcoholism & Treatment

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A glass of wine with dinner or a couple of beers while watching the big game may seem like a harmless way to unwind, for 14 million Americans, it is not possible to just have one or two drinks.

Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence syndrome, is a disease characterized by an addiction to the consumption of liquor and alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. This means that it affects the body by slowing down central nervous system activity. Even in small doses, alcohol affects decision-making and reaction […]

Equine Therapy for Addiciton Treatment

Until recently, much of the research on equine therapy was anecdotal rather than experiential, but that has changed as this exciting branch of therapy has gained traction in the mental health community.

Colleen Dell, Addiction Research Chair at the University of Saskatchewan, has done groundbreaking research into using equine therapy to break the cycle of addiction for teenagers who abuse solvents.

The results of her research showed that the improved self-esteem the participants developed helped them to stop abusing the harmful solvents. In addition, she noted fewer incidences of depression, improved relationships with parents and authority figures and better performance in […]

The Principles of Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy Principles

Equine therapy is a unique approach to behavioral therapy and counseling which uses the horse as an integral part of the therapy.
The success of equine therapy depends on allowing the patient to actively participate in new situations and experiences and then to process those experiences in a positive way.
In fact, equine therapy is the combination of the innate sensitivity and reflective emotional capacity of the horse and the experience of nurturing and caring for the horse while doing something in the natural world.

The therapist must have the skill to blend expertly all of these factors to create […]

What is Equine Therapy?

quine therapy is a form of therapy that uses horses to help people resolve deep emotional issues. Many people find that they have a nearly primal connection with horses, so creating a strong and nurturing relationship with a particular horse enables people to rebuild damaged or underdeveloped parts of their personality.

The emotional growth that people experience with equine therapy occurs much more rapidly than it does with most other types of therapy, so this makes equine therapy especially useful for treatment of addiction, learning problems, behavioral problems or autism.

A mental health professional and a certified Equine Specialist conduct equine […]